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Big Yamato 1/60 Summer Sale!

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Hey everyone, got a few 1/60 Yamatos up for grabs.  Here is the details:

2. Most valks have been transformed once from plane to robot mode for display.  EXCEPT for the yf-21 and the vf-4 which have never been transformed.
3. All of them were adult owned and displayed in a non smoking, non pet, away from sunlight detolf. 
4. Boxes are in good shape but do have some dents and dings from years of storage and a few moves.
6. Member since 2006, I am on the straight shooters list
7. Paypal payment, USPS priority shipping to US only and shipping is separate from the prices below.
5. If I am way off on price or you have a offer to purchase, feel free to let me know.
6. I can and will provide more pictures upon request.
7. I can do some slightly better pricing if you buy more than two.

All are 1/60 Yamato

Available as of 7/6/21.

VF-4G  - $225 - like new, never transformed - I added a few Anazai waterslide decals, shown in pictures.

VF-1J TV Hikaru - $110  - two cartoon hands missing - otherwise like new

1. VF-1a Max - 150 - like new
2. VF-1a Kakizaki - 150 - like new
4. VF-1S Roy - 150 - like new
5. VF-1D Trainer - 150 - like new
6. VF-1  Super/Strike Parts 150 - like new
YF-21 - $275 - Price Drop - No stand included - otherwise like new
VF-1 Armor GBP - $90 - Leg armors don't "tab" securely for a good "click", good for display - play not so much, maybe my VF figure's legs, maybe the armor - not sure.
VE-1 Elint Seeker - $140 - Like new















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