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Rare Kits & Yamato Items for Sale

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35 minutes ago, ValkAddict said:

@Kicker773 - I spy some Yamato 1/60 destroids in the lower left corner of your closet photo. :)  Please LMK if you might be interested in selling one or two. TIA.

Will let you know but for now they are all hanging out in the Deadalus Bay with Big Boy






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On 7/19/2021 at 10:16 PM, Kicker773 said:

Stealth J combo sold

Congrats to whoever purchased this; I was eyeing this, but had some other large ticket items that came up elsewhere this past week that by priority I needed to commit towards first. Feel free to reach out to me; if you ever plan on selling this item in it's same exact orginial new/unused condition.

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