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Some Macross Art & I need some help please...


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Hey mates, I am brand new here, and just wanted to share some art I drew up (normally I am known as a Star Trek artist, but I have done many subjects).

I also need some help: Does anyone have, or can direct me to any orthographic drawings of the VA-3 Invader? 

Thanks in advance mates!

You can check out more of my stuff at my DA page:


UN Spacy  VA-13A Phantom 00.jpg

Concept UN Spacy  VA-13A Phantom 00.jpg

Zentraedi Variable Fighter 00.jpg

Zentraedi Variable Fighter Batroid 00.jpg

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2 hours ago, Rodavan said:

Hi AtolmAzel  - I like the style of your sketches , sorry , not a big fan VA-3 . Always thought of it as the "hippo" of Macross :crazy:  ( start the flaming :p)

Hey thanks.

I was not looking for the orthographic of the Invader for myself, but rather for a good mate of mine.  I could have sworn someone did a 3d model of one, and posted the views of her, but any links I've come across have been broken. 

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Both of your drawings are very interesting.  Is the second, colored drawing that you have of a sort of stylized SV-51?  I think that the first drawing reminded me of what the UN Spacy version of the VAB-2D, though we dont really see it, just what the Varuta have made, the FBz-99G.  I like your drawings, thank you for sharing them with us.


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