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Selling some macross, chogokin, 1/6th scale figures and other stuff


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A couple of things. I live in Canada and shipping is a killer. Prices are in Canadian but if you are interested in an item I need to know where you live. The closer you are to the province and border obviously its cheaper, places like Cali, texas, florida...gets to be pointless. SO, Shipping will be on top of the sale price but again its canadian and canadian right now sucks so its to your advantage. I have sold here before i should be on the goodie goodie list. 

IM a collector, so i normally only transform my valks once. If you like an item im willing to negotiate on reasonable offers. So here we. 

Queadluun-Rau 1/60 scale Mira 639 Macross : $180

Bandai 1/6 scale Wild Tiger Tiger and Bunny figure: $140

Ultra Rare Konami Chogokin Gurren Lagann: $250

Macross 1/60 Scale SV-51: $250

Bandai Fire Valk VF-19 with: $120

Bandai SOC Spec/Metal FAlguen: $250

SOC Spec Evangelion Unit Eva 02: $75





photo_2020-05-22_12-25-22 - Copy.jpg

photo_2020-05-22_11-03-04 (2).jpg

photo_2020-05-30_13-42-15 (2) - Copy.jpg



photo_2020-06-29_11-17-31 - Copy.jpg



photo_2020-12-01_17-38-53 - Copy.jpg


photo_2020-11-22_12-59-00 - Copy.jpg

photo_2020-10-20_01-10-11 - Copy.jpg

photo_2020-10-20_01-11-32 - Copy.jpg

photo_2020-10-20_01-11-35 - Copy - Copy.jpg


photo_2020-10-20_01-11-52 - Copy.jpg



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