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Mandarake Purchase Questions If Buying From Outside Japan?

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I had some questions about buying from Mandarake online if I live outside Japan in the United States. For reference, I already had a good look around their website (https://order.mandarake.co.jp/) including reading their various help guides: Ordering Policy, FAQ, How to Order, ...etc..

1) I have heard that when buying overseas from foreign stores not to use a credit/debit card connected to your bank account as the credit/debit card credentials entered at the time of purchase can be used to enter a much larger transaction capable of emptying your bank account. As a result, is there a recommended payment method to use when purchasing from Mandarake?

2) I have read on other forums that some foreign stores will ban accounts if the shipping address entered does not match the billing address of the credit card/debit card/payment method used. Does Mandarake do this?

3) I have read on a thread here as well as on Mandarake's website that they do not recommend @hotmail emails or any emails that are "Outlook-based". As a result, is there a recommended email provider to use when creating an account on Mandarake's website?
*Source: https://earth.mandarake.co.jp/help/ordering_policy-en.html

4) With respect to data security, due to the risks of customer data either being sold to third parties or the possibility of website hacking as has happened in the past to similar market place companies selling online through their respective websites. How does one protect themselves from having whatever method of payment credentials (credit card/debit card/PayPal/AliPay...etc.) used to purchase items in the past from ending up being used by an unauthorized third party to run unauthorized transactions in the present/future?

5) Is it possible to use a proxy service with Mandarake? If so, is there a recommended proxy service to use?

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  1. I use my Credit Card to order from Mandarake
  2. I made an error trying to initiate my first purchase, and once I had corrected the bad data I input, everything went smoothly. ****My shipping and billing addresses do not match, and it's been no issue.
  3. I use my Gmail account
  4. That's a concern, but my CC calls me about any purchases that seem odd or big, and I check my statements regularly online. I've been purchasing from them for 5 years with no issues, but YMMV
  5. Haven't bothered with a proxy, just direct purchases.


My only concern/complaint is shipping costs, but being in Canada, and it being a global pandemic, it's always ridiculous, and they're no worse than any other retailer I've purchased from in Japan

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@MWUser I've used an outlook account without issue. You can use Buyee as a proxy, there browser extension is even supported on mandy. Keep in mind if you use a proxy you'll be paying JPN sales tax, domestic shipping in addition to the fees imposed by the proxy service so final costs of the item will be higher. 

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1.  I've used both CC and Paypal and no issues at all. (both are about the same in terms of foreign currency exchange rates)

2.  I prefer using paypal as it is much easier transaction

3.  Not sure about this as my address matches.

4. Mandarake is no small company and they are listed on Japan stock exchange.

5. Just order from mandarake with confidence!

*Their shipping to US is pricey since only DHL Express is available but you do get your stuff real fast (3 days)*

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