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WTS: Arcadia VF-0A


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This is a used Arcadia VF-0A I bought off of mandarake, but never took out of the box otherwise.  It is complete with sticker sheet and manual.  I'm also including some extra shapeways hips in case you need them, but I've never tried transforming so I wouldn't know.  I'd rework this bird myself but I'm just out of time with other customization projects.  It looked pretty pristine to me: see attached photos.  I can take more pics on request.

Price: $340 shipped

2020-07-24 00.34.51.jpg

2020-07-24 00.30.43.jpg

2020-07-24 00.30.41.jpg

2020-07-24 00.30.37.jpg

2020-07-24 00.30.28.jpg

2020-07-24 00.22.13.jpg

2020-07-24 00.21.51.jpg

2020-07-24 00.15.58.jpg

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