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Missed out on the Chogokin VF-1S...


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Hey all, I've been off radar for a few years. Went thru some life changes and purged my entire Macross collection . (Some of you may now own those very figures!) Anyway, I'm back! But like many, I'm too late. I missed the preorder for the Bandai DX Chogokin VF-1S Roy Focker. And now its on eBay for upwards fo $444! Thats insane. 

Whats a fella to do? I want a VF-1S with Super Parts. Will there be another release? And if not, whats the next best thing? Arcadia? Never owned an Arcadia fig. All my stuff was Yamato. Thanks gang! Good to be back. 

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save money and buy one on release date. Just expect that it will never come close to SRP unless you or someone you know is located in Japan.


Hikaru VF-1S have similar story, it was selling out at 30k+ yen, but on release date, they can be ordered from time to time at 25k yen. I am big supporter of NY but try to admit it now until their services improved.  (there are a lot of cases of order right now being delayed or not fulfilled). And ultimately, avoid Ebay.

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