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1 hour ago, Dax415 said:

Had a mospeada question,.... i've only seen the condor in Battroid mode.... since it was the predecessor of the Legioss and Tread, does it transform?  Are there any pictures of it in it's transformed mode?

The Condor only had the soldier mode and that was it. It had no ability to transform.

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9 hours ago, Halfstep said:

I just recieved email from BBTS that the ETA is in and as soon as payment is processed it will ship.


9 hours ago, kanedaestes said:

I was just charged by BBTS so I’m shopping it now. Luckily living in Chicago if it ships today I will get in Monday or Tuesday since I’m right next to them


9 hours ago, vladykins said:



7 hours ago, GabrielV said:

My Legioss came in at BBTS and is now in my Pile of Loot ready for shipping.  Yay!

But it's going to be a while before I get it.  I just shipped my POL earlier this week.   

Man, what the heck? You guys have gotten notifications from BBTS already, but I haven't and there's no change in the status of my pre-order either.

I really hope they got enough to cover all the pre-orders.

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20 minutes ago, Guyffon said:

That's all stuff made up to fit into the Robotech universe and not official Mospeada cannon. Closer to fanfic material and not even canon to Robotech.

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6 hours ago, Guyffon said:

I know the way they word it and all the information is no cannon, but the drawings look like proper line art and wonder who made them, it does not look like fan art, but then again you never know

It is. The art work credits are at the bottom:



Original artwork by: Tim Wing (Fighter Mode) and Yoshitaka Amano, Shinji Aramaki and Hideki Kakinuma. (Battloid Mode)

It's all drawn from the Robotech Reference Guide stuff done to supplement the Palladium Robotech RPG. Definitely not from the source material at all.

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I saw that same pic of the transformed Condor, but also remember a member here years ago getting in trouble by "the powers that be" for sharing pics of it (soldier mode of the Condor).  So I didn't want to mistakenly draw attention....  pfft......  Anyway, I rather like the transformed mode and it gives another visual origin of both the tread and legioss's beginnings.  Visually it looks more armored than the legioss and not packing the hard hitting ordinance of the tread.   As if earth was hit when the Condor was simply armo soldier, then it got beefed up a little and could transform.  Somewhere during the development of the rider armors, legioss, and tread.... the inbit got a feel for how our tech worked and developed counter measures, which made them even more effective rather than "superior".

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On 8/24/2020 at 5:22 PM, Seto Kaiba said:

His rank and unit affiliation are unknown, though it is noted he was a reluctant soldier who joined because his father was a career soldier and one of the commanders of the 1st Earth Recapture mission.

Any mention of that in that episode, I only remember the crashlanding and being rescused by the girl.

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6 hours ago, roboemo said:

And which website, book, interview, or magazine was it?

Genesis Climber MOSPEADA: Magazine for Anime and Hobby Fan 
Genesis Climber MOSPEADA Color Graffiti
Genesis Climber MOSPEADA File for Animeca Fan (sic)
MOSPEADA: Complete Art Works
and other books... it's literally just the exact same paragraph reprinted verbatim every time.


WRT the earlier discussion of the Condor armo-soldier... you should NEVER expect accurate information from a Robotech website.  That fanbase just isn't interested in accuractely documenting anything, they're just out there to write their fanfics.  The safest assumption WRT anything you find on a Robotech site you haven't seen before in the OSM is to assume it's BS.

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Got my Stick ride armor from TF Source. The tape was cut on the box, but the box was in good condition and the toy inside looked untouched. No stress marks on the connectors either. Still don't know where these came from but since I waited to long and can no longer get Stick for retail, $20 more than retail is pretty damn awesome.


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