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1 hour ago, sh9000 said:

I mean, and animated film is fine- I still love the '86 film, after all.  And a story that focuses on Prime and Megatron's relationship back on Cybertron could be interesting.  But... is it supposed to be G1, or G1-esque like the current IDW series, the upcoming Netflix series, and the War for Cybertron Trilogy toys?  Cyberverse?  Yet another new continuity?

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The best thing they said in there is that it's apart from the Bay films; hopefully that is an all-encompassing statement. The G1 cartoon, IIRC, gave snippets of the OP/Megatron origins. I definitely remember there being an Orion Pax story.

Kinda curious how they're going to approach it, and from what continuity, if indeed they base it on a prior story. 

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The film is separate and apart from the live action Transformers film series and the Bumblebee spinoff, and those movies continue on a fast track.

What I am most interested in! I loved the animated movie from my childhood, but I am more into 'live' action and love where Bumblebee left off, with him and Optimus driving away across the bridge.

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I'm a G1 fan, having grown up with it from the beginning, but, honestly, I wish and I hope they create something new for this movie- a whole new cast from the top. I don't mind references to Prime, Megatron, and their respective gangs, but give the kids of this generation their own story to carry forward, rather than recycling one that's 30+ years old. It would serve to enrichen the overall Transformers universe, and give us new toys. Time to move on.

TBH, my nostalgia for G1 runs rather shallow, i.e. first season. I like the '86 movie, too, but it's certainly not without its faults, the greatest of which is how casually they dispatched half of the G1 Autobots, killed Prime, and turned Megatron into a weird space cannon, all in the name of merchandising. I realize they're a toy company, but it tells me that Hasbro had no connection to these characters they'd created; their animation properties were advertisements, pure and simple. Not a knock, just how it is. I don't think they ever imagined that it'd still be one of their best selling properties of all time thirty-some years down the road, and when some of the old-timers behind the scenes wax warm and fuzzy about the show and these characters, I take it with a heaping cup of cynicism, no sugar please. It's cool that they pander to the fanbase, which has kept them in business churning out these wonderful toys all these years, as well as merchandise and media of every kind. I appreciate that they appreciate the passion of the fans, especially since some of those fans grew up and now work for them (a lot like LEGO in that respect). I've always been in it primarily for the toys, although I retain an undying love for the first season, as that's where they established the core characters and set a tone that was more mature than the rest of the series would enjoy. It kinda devolved into silliness thereafter, and I became disheartened with the show, so I never really forged a passion for anything else G1. Thus, without the heavy anchor of nostalgia weighing me down, I'm ready for a new continuity. I'd still love to see it set on Earth, just maybe another 100 years in the future, or in a different part of the world, or even set in the Eighties, but operating independently of Prime and Megatron, similar to how the Insecticons had operated on their own for untold years. I like the idea that little groups of these crafty Cybertronians could have been living among us for centuries without detection, adapting and changing their alts to suit their environment and the emerging technologies of their host planet. I think there are plenty of stories to tell. I don't read the comics, but I know peripherally that some of them have touched on these themes, and I think it's fertile ground for a new story to be told, and this is a perfect opportunity to tell it.

And, more importantly, a perfect opportunity to crank out new toys!

Edit: A day after writing this rambling diatribe, I read the blurb on TFW where it clearly states that this is going to be a G1 prequel set entirely on Cybertron. That doesn't really get me excited, as the history between OP and Megs and their war has pretty much been told. Where they've been doesn't interest me as much as the legacy of the events of the '86 film, or just a whole new continuity. Regardless, looks like we're getting a prequel.

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G1 fan at core, I have to admit that I'm more of a TF Prime fan. Even though I do not really like the kids, I have to admit that the way they described the rise of Megatronus, his relationship with Orion Pax and how things evolved... I loved all of it. Did not like much how it finally ended, but overall, haven't seen anything better since then.

Not really excited with this new movie though. We will see anyway.

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