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Hey all, I'm lookin' for some stuff. I have stuff to trade (like DX VF-1 toys) and also willing to buy. I want these for use on anymoon.com so, unless otherwise noted, I'm hoping for them to be 'like new' with all original accessories, packaging, and no yellowing. Minor transformation and packaging wear is fine.

Takatoku 1/55 VF-1J Max, Miria, Misa
Takatoku 1/55 VF-1S + GBP Gift-set
Bandai 1985 VF-1A DYRL Hikaru
Bandai DX Version 1 VF-25 toys: V-25F standalone, Super VF-25G, Super RVF-25
Bandai VF100 VF-25 Family Mart Version
Bandai JokeMachine Japanese releases and Skull One USA release
Yamato 1/60 V1 VF-1 Toys (except 1D, Strike 1S, VE-1, and GBP+Hikaru 1J)
Yamato 1/60 V2 VF-1J Gray Goggles Version
Yamato 1/60 V2 VF-1D 30th anniversary
Yamato 1/60 YF-19 Weathering Edition
Yamato 1/60 VF-17D (super or regular)
Yamato 1/60 VF-0A (either standalone or gift-set)
Yamato 1/60 Ghost booster (the A version with the stripes)
Yamato 1/60 VF-22S M&M
Yamato 1/48 VF-1 standard gun
Yamato 1/48 VF-1 Woodland Version
Harmony Gold reissue of the Hover Tank (just saw I missed one on ebay :( )
Harmony Gold reissues of the Destroids (except Excalibur)
Matchbox Mini SDF-1
Matchbox 1/144 Civil Defense Radar X and Excalibur
Matchbox 1/144 Blue Spartan
Playmates 1/144 Green Gladiator Destroid
Mega House Ride Armors (black webshop versions)
Gakken 1/55 Alpha/Legioss toys (red triple change, red & green double change)
Gakken 1/72 Alpha toys (green or red)
CM's Patlabor Asuka Taisyo OVA version (vinyl fig)
Takatoku Henkei Toys
Takatoku 1/144 Defender

Please don't post links to auction sites, I got my eye on those. Looking here for someone who maybe has some toys that are no longer bringing joy to their lives and want to swap them with something else.

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Added a couple Banpresto VF-1 toys, several Bandai toys including the VF100 stuff, and some more Yamato products that I sold a long time ago and now regret :(

Did score one item and removed it from the list (YAY!)

I have DX VF-1 toys to trade and can pay cash. Might have some other stuff to trade if you have something in particular in mind, shoot me a PM.

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The recent conversation in the 1/55 appreciation thread made me realize I'm not very proud of my current article on the subject so I would like to give it the full overhaul and update. The best way for me to do that is to own every 1/55 release so I've added several to my want list. I do have a minty Matchbox 1/3000 SDF-1 and Bandai 1/55 (2002) Super VF-1S I can offer up for trades as well as DX VF-1 toys and some random other stuff if you have specific wants. 

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Still have a 1/3000 Matchbox SDF-1 complete with unused stickers, a reissue Bandai 1/55 Super VF-1S, and an extra of each DX VF-1 toy except Kakizaki that I can offer in trade. Also have the recent vehicle and lion DX Voltrons.

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For the Yamato V1 stuff (and Bandai DX VF-25 V1), I'm happy with stuff that's been opened, might have been transformed a few times and then was put in storage when the V2 came along. NIB is probably out of my price range and I'd feel awful opening a toy for the first time after 20 years to put it through its paces. 

I updated the top list to reflect a couple toys acquired and a couple more added. 

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Hello, you probably already noticed that a few of your wants are available at Mandarake and Jungle at decent prices (I think) and conditions. Some are at Nippon-Yassan and Solaris Japan but at higher prices but in new condition. Just making sure you keep up with those sellers.

On the other hand, let me congratulate you on the Anymoon.com site. It is just great. Your reviews are extremely complete and I cannot tell you how usefeul they have been in my hunt for Macross/Robotech collectibles. You opened my eyes on the generally poor quality of Toynami Toys which made me stop persuing those collections, although I had to complete my underwhelming Masterpiece Toynami Collection :). By the way, you should add a better way to refer customers to BBTS, I shop there all the time but I do not see the link in anymoon.com so you can get credit for my purchases.

I also created a want list if you want to get rid of some double toys you may have.

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Yes, I do still shop around and buy some items occasionally off the boards. To that end, I've updated the topic and just removed some items I managed to grab. Since I'm not in a rush, I'm hoping this post will help some people who are on the fence about clearing out some toys that no longer bring them joy while hogging their storage space to reach out to me to either get cash or a toy they'll like more. If it pops up at a good price at an auction or a store, I may grab it.

Thanks for feedback on BBTS. I'll have to think about it. I have replaced my BBTS bookmark with the one from my campaign. I don't think I'm supposed to tell other people to do that though so maybe putting the campaign link in more places is the way to go :)

I'll check out your list and let you know if I have anything that can help.

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