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I'd say sell me a ticket, but...


Looks great, I'm in

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Technically impressive and with solid acting, but unfortunately, for the final act they ran out of ideas before they ran out of bullets IMO. And the repetitive slaughtering of police/army men got on my nerves.

But I'm totally hooked on "No see" by Man.Goes Human from the soundtrack.


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5 hours ago, TangledThorns said:

So he didn't die, lol.


1 hour ago, no3Ljm said:

Are you referring to Chris' character? I think it was implied (silhoutte) in the end that he didn't.


So the article title and the contents contradict each other just a bit, Extraction 2 is referred to as both a sequel, and potential prequel. Hopefully it's a continuation.


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  • sh9000 changed the title to Netflix Extraction 1 & 2
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