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Macross Garage Kits from the 1990s


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Looking for some obscure garage kits from the '90s. Let me know if you've got any and are willing to sell them.


  • TECT kits, both the Macross 7 parts kits and the stand alone 1/144 kits
  • Yellow Submarine 1/144 Macross VF-X kits (specifically the VF-19, VF-22, VF-4 Battroid, VF-11 Battroid, Valhalla ship)

If you've got other random Macross garage kits, might be interested in those too. Let me know!


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On 1/7/2020 at 1:41 PM, Convectuoso said:


Is that one of the kits you're looking for?

Yeah! Thanks for the heads up. Just ordered it.

23 hours ago, VALKYRIE-EXCHANGE.COM said:

I have quite few Tanmen kits from back in the day. Unbuilt and pristine condition.  LMK if interested



Not as interested in Tanmen's stuff, but thanks for the offer!

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I think I have some of a 1/72 yellow submarine ve-1  kit that I was going to kit bash with a 1/72 hcm. Pretty sure all I got around to was mounting the head. Maybe... been a while since I have seen it in the room of nonsense.

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