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Cheap old Macross/RT models


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A couple years ago, I purged some of my old models on eBay, including some of the simple Robotech branded 1/170 kits like this:



My kids are now getting into models, and my son really wants a Gerwalk kit for Xmas.

He's too young for a Hasegawa or Bandai kit, and I'm realizing this would have been perfect for him.

Has anyone on the board got something small, easy, and cheap like this that they'd be willing to part with?


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I gotta go dig around, but I may have a couple of kits iin that scale..... but I don't think I have a gerwalk.  Probably a battroid, one with fastpacks and maybe a gbp if I remember correctly.  But that pic of the 2 in 1 kits.... man.... lots of good memories from back in the day....  pm me if you are interested.

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