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I'm running out of space, so I decided it's best not to keep two 31J's. Brand new.  I opened the outside box to look at it when I received it to ensure nothing looked out of the norm, but the inside plastic housing is still sealed.  The Valk has never been opened, displayed, transformed, etc.  I'm on the Straight Shooters list as a buyer, but have plenty of experience on eBay.  I just wanted to offload here instead to keep it in the fam.

Selling for $260 - includes shipping to anywhere in the continental US.  Add Paypal's 4% fee if you want to ship as Goods, otherwise, send as Friends. 

*Besides the VF-31 toy, you get the following:
1) Pilot figure – Hayate
2) Co-pilot figure – Freyja
3) 2 x Knife with pivot gimmick (for stowing behind the forearm)
4) 2 x multi-drone, 1x in flight (arrow) configuration, 1x in projection (square) configuration
5) 6x pairs of fixed posed hands (fist, grip, pistol grip straight, pistol grip cocked, open hands, salute)
6) Display stand (consisting of a base and arm)
7) 3x clear display stand adapters (fighter, GERWALK, battroid)

*courtesy of our boy, Jenius - http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=8954




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