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Miniatures painting


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7 hours ago, Pontus said:


The first thing I'm going for is the 5 Angel Birds and fan racer in time for the Kitzconcepts Roy release to recreate the scene with my Matchbox SDF-1 where he's yelling at Hikaru as they go into a climb.

Anyway, here's my progress so far:


Looking good so far

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Does anyone have a side by side pic of the minitech next to palladium figures?  I need to see if they're marginally compatible before I drop $60 on minitechs.  Doesn't have to be the same figures.  There's just a few oddballs I can only get from the minitech line.

Edit, nvrmnd, I found a pic.  They're a good bit smaller as I thought.

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47 minutes ago, CHAVAKAISER said:

a fully painted resin model, just need to assemble with some screws, or crazy glue


Yeah, that's the same shapeways store I got the bike from, and the unpainted kit is $280!  Way too much for a kit imho.

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