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What is your favorite mech from Macross series?


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V/YF-19 Series are tied in my list beside the OG VF-1.
The YF-21/VF-22 come a close second.
Third would be the VF-31 series.
4th the VF-0D
Now this may be considered sacrilege, but I actually don't like the VF-25 series.

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My favorites from each Macross show...

Macross TV:  The "Booby Duck" from episode 24... what would later be referred to as the VF-1S with Super Parts.

愛 おぼえていますか  (DYRL):  VE-1 Elint Seeker.  I get weak in the knees for that radome.

Macross Plus:  VF-11B Thunderbolt.  Love its variable geometry wings and its clear VF-1 design lineage.

Macross 7:  VF-22 Sturmvogel II.  Max and Miria flying these birds together in the final episode did it for me.

Macross Frontier:  VF-171 Nightnare Plus.  Very cool seeing the VF-17 from Macross 7 get a sleeker design update.

Macross Delta:  VF-31C Siegfried.  Normally, I am not the biggest fan of planes with forward-swept wings, but the addition of the multi-purpose container kind of won me over to the design. 

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As I've said in similar threads like this, gotta go with the bastard love-child of the VF-1 and Q-Rau:

The YF-21.


Makes sense that they'd want to make a fighter that combines the human and Zentradi/Meltradi heritages.

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Very difficult to have one supreme favorite.Kawamori San has designed and engineered some real beauties over the decades..

As of now, it would be the VF-19 Advance. I love it with the modern fast packs. It's a very dynamic design with a rich history and legacy ..Plus(no pun intended :D) It's ace jockey is my favorite pilot:p

Close second is the VF-4. What a unique and well engineered design!

Tied for third, the YF/VF 21 is completely awesome, as well as the VF-25..

But i must also mention the VF-27 and YF-29's, and the VF-171, and SV-51..

The VF-1 and 0 will always be nostalgic..but you see what i mean? So many awesome VF's to love! :unknw:


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to emphasize, I think that there are so many greats that have been presented to us in Macross, it is hard to nail down one specific one.....though, I have always loved the YF/VF-19, I think that the VF-19Advance is the best representation of this.  I really like the "bad guy valks", such as the VF-27 and the SV-262.  Currently though, since they are the ones that I currently have toys of are the: 

1) VF-31F Siegfried

2) VF-19Advance

3) SV-262 Draken III

4) YF-19 Bird of Prey (old yamato 1/60, the orange really does it for me...)

5) VF-2SS SAP Nexx custom

I will reinforce the notion that the VF-1 holds a dear place in every Macross fans heart, specifically the VF-1J Hikaru, that more than VF-1S Roy is the most iconic VF-1 to me.  I think that the VF-0 made the VF-1 more in line with size and whatnot with current valkyries and love the designs......unless I win the lottery or actually win at a casino, the $500 price tag for the VF-0D is just out of reach.  had an original VF-0S that was cool and had a Sv-51Alpha that was good, also great designs.

Looking forward to what we will be presented with in the new Macross Delta movie, the mystery valk is sexy looking...


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Kawamori seems to have a tendency of going back to old design elements into new valk releases, probably due to difficulty in justifying releasing old valks.

In that spirit (since the tease looks vf-14'ish), lets see what elements make it, and what elements will kawamori tweak into the new macross movie valk...


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VF-1 for sure.  Classic, can't be beat.  I think Tomino san from Gundam said that he still thinks the original gundam and zeon designs are the best, and can never be topped (at least by gundams).  I feel the same way about the VF-1 in Macross.

YF-19 is a not-too-distant second; great battroid mode especially.

The SDFM zentradi mech also hold a soft spot in my heart.  There is just something so alien, 80s, and awesome about that one-eye design.  It still looks alien and menacing today, in a good way. 

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Vf-1 by a good margin although i love the Vf-0, YF-19, VF-11B, and VF-25 probably above all the other macross mechs.  the glaug is probably my favorite non valk.   hoping bandai does a VF-11B at some point..i mean they did the VF-19....can't imagine the VF-11B and YF-21 would be far behind...but its been a while.  oh well.


If we are getting specific...as far as absolute favorite..it used to be the Vf-1S Roy fokker deco.  Gotta say I like the Vf-1D or VF-1J hikaru deco as much or more now.

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Hard to narrow that down to just 1 choice, so I'm gonna cheat;

1a. Bandai DX Chogokin VF-19 Advance

1b. Bandai DX Chogokin VF-31S

1c.  Arcadia Premium 1/60 VF-1S Roy with Strike Parts

1d. Yamato 1/60 v2. VF-1S Max custom


To add another wrinkle, if we're talking about only in Animation, then the VF-25F with Tornado Parts in Macross Frontier - The False Songstress. Tried to find a clip of the battle it was in, but my Google-Fu is apparently weak today. Both of Bandia's DX Chogokin efforts left me underwhelmed. :lol:


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