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Kids Logic 1:4 Robotech Armor Cyclone VR052F Scott Bernard statue


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I purchased this earlier this year and I have had some unexpected bills come up that force me to sell this. I am asking exactly the cost I paid for it, $1085.00 US Dollars in total. Shipping will be cost to wherever you live.

US Seller, product is in hand, it will be shipped double boxed in its original container. I put this on display straight out of the box, smoke free house, out of the sunlight. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

Original description below.

Limited Quantity: 800 pieces

ST02 1:4 Robotech Armor Cyclone VR052F Scott Bernard statue.

Kids Logic is proud to present the work of art - Mospeada 1: 4 Armor Cyclone statue.

The story of Mospeada takes place in the year of 2050. A mysterious alien spices - Inbit invaded and successfully conquered the Earth. Earth became desolate with only a small amountof human beings scattered throughout the planet. MOSPEADA stands for Military Operation Soldier Protection Emergency Aviation Dive Armor, it is one of the major weapons to against Inbit.

VR052F Cyclone may neither be the largest nor the top notch of gadget toy, but it is truly an art piece from Kids Logic creative team who had spent a year for research and 8 months for sculpting, all they want is sharing their dreams with all the fans of Robotech.

Licensed By: Harmony Gold USA, Inc

Material: Polystone, PVCScale: 1:4th Scale

Height: 18 inches





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