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Missing Metal Build Piece

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I am looking for some help getting a replacement piece for my Metal Build Proto Astrea. The piece that I am missing an armor panel for the back of the right calf. I have double checked the box and packaging, but have not found the part. 


I have contacted the retailer regarding my problem but their costumer service has not been helpful. So I am reaching out to you for some help. I live in the United States and have no direct way to contact Bandai. If someone is in an area were they can request replacement parts for P-Bandai items and in a position to help I would greatly appreciate it. 

I will gladly pay any service fee, shipping fee and compensate you for your time. 
Thank you for reading my post. 

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Hi guys, so after emailing a number of proxies and doing some looking on the internet I am still looking for some help. 

Bandai has a support site that you can email them. The catch is you need an address in Japan to fill out their "contact us" form. So I  am reaching out to any member located in Japan, if you are able and have the time to submit a ticket through the site below I would be very grateful. Of course I was pay for any fee, shipping and compensate you for your time. 


I can send you the purchase information and a typed summary of the problem. Thank you in advance if anyone can help. 

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