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I've gone through my stash and found a few kits I don't see myself building before I get old and can no longer see.

Up for grabs from Hasegawa, are the following:

  • Macross Zero - SV-51y Nora type - $30(AUD)
  • SDF Macross - VF-1A SONICBIRDS - $25(AUD)
    This comes with Hasegawa VF-1 photo etch update set and some of the low-viz decals have been used, all high-viz are present
  • Macross Frontier - VF25F/S - $30(AUD)

And a random from Tamiya as well:

  • Tamiya F-16CJ block 50 - $25(AUD) 
    All the bags have been opened and the upper fuselage has some assembly started: The gun port, forward fuselage attached to rear, and top rear access panel. 

All kits were shipped from Japan without a plastic overwrap so are "opened" but bags are sealed except for the Tamiya kit. Boxes are all in good condition and all parts are accounted for except the decals on the VF-1 (as noted above).

Shipping looks to be about $15 per item for regular parcel post, anywhere in Australia and $25 for Express Post.  If it ends up cheaper, I'll refund the difference.

Also happy to ship overseas but costs usually become prohibitive.  For up to 1kg for instance, the rate is about $30.  So in USD, that's something like this:

  • $40 shipped for the small kits (The F-16 or the VF-1)
  • $45 shipped for the bigger ones (the VF-25 and SV-51)

And that just shows how terrible the exchange rate is at the moment for us poor Ozzies...

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I'll certainly do some checking.  I posted this quickly from my phone yesterday and Yowzers!  Does it need a cleanup...

I'll get on that with some pricing info for all my international friends as well.


EDIT: There you go @Bolt, $45USD shipped if that's any help.

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