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UPDATED: Macross 7 English Repro for Gameboy Color limited Crowdfunding, taking pre orders

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*As of Wednesday, August 26 2020, The beta Rom has been 85% completed and it's on a physical cartridge. A video will be posted showing you the work in progress.
We expect for this project to be finished in 6 months or less.


I have the game rom fully translated, I'm in the process of script insertion, beta testing and arranging the final stages of translation with two translators, one will do the bulk, the other will recheck speech.
Translator was paid, programmer will be compensated at the end of the project and we just need one person....YOU.
This is a direct crowdfunding project to have a full replica of this game in english (box, manuals, game in english. Graham, how much you paid for that japanese repro?)
I always loved this game and now that we have skilled people, affordable resources and fans of Macross. I want to reach whoever is interested in owning a very interesting game that never made it past the japanese market. Time to dust of your gameboy colors (or buy a new one) because This game is worth owning (in english, made and translated with love for a fan that played the game way too much)


Tier 1: $60.00 [the Game] (1) one full set:  Cartridge tested, box and manual ALL IN ENGLISH (Limited run of 20 )
Tier 2: $120.00 [Your nickname or name in the credits!! as "Many thanks to"] (limited to 3) One (1)  full set and be famous in all the English carts!! 
Tier 3: $250.00 [Credit as a Main English producer] (limited to 1) Be part of the team!! you will be credited as an important content creator plus you will get Three (3) full sets tested and your name/nickname inside the game and printed in the manuals.

Pm me for more details, Unless you are Tier 2 or 3 (which will require a non-refundable down payment to reserve a slot) money will not be asked right away but it will be collected in full when game is ready to ship. Delivery is expected when the printed materials are ready and the Rom is fully playable in its final revision.

If you have questions, post them and I will answer them here.


-Limited run, they won't be for sale after.

-The money will be used to pay the translator, compensate the programmer, print materials and pay for the cart production.

-I've been a member of Macross world for 10 years, just ask Gubaba :) I finished all 6 volumes of Macross the first without bugging him.
-I've successfully
completed various projects with macross world members before (Manga: Mylene beat, Macross the First 1-6 in spanish, Macross VF-X2 game translation in youtube etc)
-They sell my works in mexico PRINTED!!! I did this, but the horror!!! they printed the watermark!!



macross 7 test.jpg

macross 7 test02.jpg

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Update and revisions of the terms of sale
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I may be interested at least in the patched rom. Hopefully you can get to enough backers to help this project succeed and motivate you to do the same with other Macross games (Macross 30 would be awesome) 

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Progress Update: Coronavirus sucks

We have a "Beta" of the full game (At the time of posting, I only had 3 screens functional).


We have to do beta testing, translate the printing materials and such, we are still at least 6 months away from the final version completed but the wait will be worth it. The game has a lot of fun action and the story is different for any team you choose.

I will be uploading a video in the general thread in the upcoming days.


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