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Macross DYRL 1984 film promotional materials


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Nice.....17 hours is a lifetime when it comes to trying to purchase "Japan Only" items from that site.  So yes, you were very lucky indeed.  There have been plenty of great deals that I have missed due to the ridiculous limitations currently in place.  Hopefully, that will change at some point....I am sure the overseas demand warrants a policy change.

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3 hours ago, Swann said:

The trifold one. The one I bought for 1500 yen

No, I think it was a media promotional item.....The one I have came with several other items that were geared towards promoting the film...sort of like a "press kit".....it came with posters where release date info could be written into "blank spaces" and other items....

You can see pics at the start of this thread....


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Just going to add these here since they are part of the DYRL promotional campaign......

A couple of cels from the Macross DYRL Special Preview promotional trailer.......





So basically, the main difference on these cels from the cels used in the actual film, is the lack of Focker's "yellow" chest stripe on his VF-1S.......maybe they did not have any yellow paint when the sequence was painted? :rolleyes:

The sequence that these cels are used in from the Macross DYRL Special Preview trailer can be seen here:

Incidentally, the trailer goes through several "versions" prior to the release of the film and one of the final trailers actually has the "correctly painted" yellow chest striped VF-1S finally included...as well as the inclusion of the wrecked Regult as seen in the actual film sequence, which is also missing from the original "non-yellow striped" VF-1S sequence from the special preview trailer.....the corrected VF-1S sequence can be seen here:


Another interesting bit of trivia regarding the "Special Preview" trailer is that is was actually storyboarded!




Here is another cel from this Special Preview sequence.....




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