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Took my wife and four year old to see it.  She's funny, because she's really timid- she was nervous about going to the theater (I tried taking her to see Bumblebee last year and she got scared so we had to leave), but she's obsessed with Frozen.  She had to sit on my lap for the whole movie, there were several points where she hid her face in my chest, and even a few where she told me she wanted to leave.  I just told her to trust me, that everything would be ok by the end.  When the movie was over she told me she wasn't scared at all and that it was the best movie ever (although she later clarified that, while better than the first, it's actually tied with Olaf's Frozen Adventure).

My two cents?  I liked the story better than the first one.  It felt like they were having a real adventure and we weren't just watching a girl trying to save her sister from a nervous breakdown.  Not sure if I'm totally satisfied with the ending, though, and I do prefer the soundtrack to the first film.

Oh, and I'm not super keen on the whole

water has memory thing.  Yeah, it kind of fits with the elemental mysticism that ran rampant through the film, but it's too close to the pseudoscience behind homeopathy.

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Zero desire to ever watch this, same as the first movie. Thankfully I don't have a pre-teen daughter, so no pressure to go see it.

I hope this sequel doesn't have a super annoying song, which my nieces are gonna be singing non-stop, like with the first movie.......groan.

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12 hours ago, TangledThorns said:

Took my five year old daughter to see it who wanted to leave towards the end because of 'scary' scene. Anyways $30 later I thought it was a good film, on par with the first.

Makes me wonder if they'll make a third?

Does Sideshow Bob like money? 

Then he is going to milk this baby for all its worth.

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