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Color advice for TV style super parts?


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Depends on the Valk...  Depends on the episode...  Depends on the shot, even.  :unsure:

Let's consult the Blu-ray, shall we?






Looks kinda pale turquoise, most of the time...  :huh:

Not surprisingly, most toys and models use their own interpretations.  

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see if you can get ahold of an actual printed-by-the-company colour chart of the paint you like.

GSI Creos Mr.Color as an exampple:



find the frame you like the most from the show, and put it up on your own TV, then compare with the colour chart.


that's what I've resorted to, because as tekering said:

12 hours ago, tekering said:

Depends on the Valk...  Depends on the episode...  Depends on the shot, even.  :unsure:

I like the colour you get when you go with Hasegawa's callout in the 1/72 M&M VF-1JSuper-Gerwalk kit: [74] 60% + [13] 40%

VF-1J Super Gerwalk Valkyrie `Max and Milia` (Plastic model) Item picture2


But one could Certainly go Greener, or Bluer, or Paler, to taste and find a still-frame from the show to back you up.

I can't get Mr Color where I live easily, but I try to mix whatever I'm using to that Hasegawa callout... it feels like a good military gray to me.

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My decision to paint the PLAMAX Gerwalk in TV colors led to a lot of suffering picking the color for the super parts. The large areas meant the only economically viable way to paint was with spraycans, so no mixing a custom color. I ended up deciding on Mr. Color's C115 RLM65 Light Blue, which is also available as a spray S115. The middle spoon is Hasegawa's recommendation, the two flanking spoons are C115 on top of different color primers. Sure it's brighter than what Hasegawa suggests, but as slide says in the post above, you can definitely find a TV series screenshot to back it up. Going through the TV series for research certainly was a lovely reassurance in lack of anything definitive.


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On 10/6/2019 at 5:41 PM, MechTech said:

That is a tough one. Even the older model kits with fastpacks molded them in that light greenish color. I thought it was odd until looking at screenshots too! - MT

Yeah; it would seem to be a combination of a medium grey and a turquoise, almost a dulled down "engineering green" if you will from the ST:TMP Enterprise Refit, but going a little more the bluish end of things. As mentioned previously, it's going to be up to individual modeler taste here.

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On 10/13/2019 at 1:21 AM, David Hingtgen said:

I personally really like the color Yamato uses on the 1/48 Max and Milia. 

Completely forgot about this post, but that's what I ended up doing, mixing paint till I achieved a close enough color match to the Yamato.  honestly lots of random colors, mainly grey green black and blue.  Then airbrushed them, came out pretty well.

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