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8 Toynami 1/100 veritechs + 3 weapon sets $250 shipped

Shizuka the Cat

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FOR SALE :   8 Toynami 1/100 "Robotech" veritechs and 3 "Macross" weapon sets - $250 shipped to continental US


VF-1J GBP-1 Rick Hunter's Armored Veritech

VF-1S GBP-1 Roy Fokker's Armored Veritech

VF-1J GBP-1 Max Sterling's Armored Veritech

VF-1J Rick Hunter's Super Veritech Armor

VF-1J Max Sterling's Super Veritech Armor

VF-1J Miriya's Super Veritech Armor

VF-1D Trainer Super Veritech Armor (Comic Con 2016 Exclusive)

VF-1A Ben Dixon's Veritech Fighter

VF-1 Super Weapon Set Movie Edition  x 3.  (these include Super/Strike parts and reaction missiles)



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