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Macross and Transformers for sale


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Home moving, needs to clear these all. All items are in Sydney Australia. All items will be shipped via EMS (with tracking info) for overseas buyers. All prices are in USD, Aussie buyers please PM me first as postage will be different. I can give discount for multiple items purchase. Each item would attract $75 shipping charge to Asia, UK, Europe and US, $110 to UAE areas. other areas please confirm with me. Each additional items attracts $30 in shipping cost. Please allow up to 3 days for shipping as I have a full time job. I don't reserve, first to pay, first to get. I accept PayPal only (don't worry about the 4% transaction fee, I'll absorb it).


Bandai Hi-Metal VF-2SS (Transformed once, display in the cabinet and back to storage) $80


Bandai DX YF-25 (Open for inspection only and back to storage) $160 SOLD


Bandai DX VF-25F (Transformed multiple times and I believe there are something missing for this item) $50 SOLD


Bandai DX YF-30 (Transformed once, display in cabinet and back to storage) $230 SOLD


Bandai DX YF-29 (Transformed once, display in cabinet and back to storage) $100 SOLD


Bandai DX VF-19 Advance (Transformed once, display in cabinet and back to storage) $200 SOLD


Arcadia 1/60 VF-0A (transformed once, display in cabinet and back to storage) $180  SOLD




Movie Series Masterpiece Barricade (Transformed once, display and back to storage) $50


BadCube WarDog (Transformers Warpath) (Transformed once and back to storage) $50


BadCube Sentinel Blaze (Transfomed twice, displayed and back to storage) $50


Bandai S.H. FigureArt Wonder Woman (display and back to storage) $30


Takara Masterpiece Hot Rod (Transformed once and back to storage)  $50


Takara Masterpiece SkyWarp Reissue (Transformed once and back to storage) $80


Takara Masterpiece SunStorm (Transformed once, display and back to storage) $80


MakeToys Green Giant (Devastator) (Display in vehicle mode and back to storage) $150 - Shipping cost to US: $80 (due to size)


DX9 Snapdragon (Transformed once and back to storage - Two guns not shown in picture but will be included) $50


DX9 Octane (Transformed once back to storage - minor stress mark on wings, Gun included but not shown in the picture) $50


Takara Masterpiece Tiger Track (Transformed and displayed then back to storage) $40


Takara Masterpiece Sideswipe (Transformed, displayed and back to storage) $40





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