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Lego style Macross arcade cabinet


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Hey, those are Dia Block. I had a bunch of that stuff growing up, and built with it as much, if not more, than my meager LEGO collection (at the time- now it takes up a quarter of my house:p). It was known as Brix-Blox, or Loc-Blocks here in the States.

Anyway, cool build. Those little valks are adorable. I haven't really kept up on the evolution of Dia Block, but judging from that arcade cabinet, they're still producing some neat stuff. I had some cool space sets they produced back in the '80s, and I loved them, as they introduced a lot of new and more complex elements that hadn't been available prior. Anyway, thanks for sharing. You've pressed my nostalgia button, so I may have go see what else they're making these days. (IIRC, they made Gundam and Evangelion sets some years back, but I didn't keep up with their stuff beyond that). It'd be cool if they made Macross sets-just sayin'. Cheers!

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