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WANTED - Yamato 1/60 v2 Weathering Valkyries


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Hey cdogbites, I think Your best bet, ( and cheaper as well) is to find a modeler to  panel-line and weather some that You might have. You can suscribe to IPMS/USA and ask there if there are any in You area willing to do that. 

Now if You are looking for the originals by Yamato.....good luck !! :blink:

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The VF-1S Roy weathered is historically the one that would always sell for less than the weathered Hikaru DYRL VF-1S .....that $600 price is close to weathered 1/60 TV Hikaru territory.....

Of course, it could have also just been the last one the winning bidder needed to complete his weathered VF collection so just went for it! :drinks:

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