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1/55 Valks (Takatoku, Jetfire, Joons) - SOLD thanks


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Please note: none of these are mint. All are used and have been in storage for over a decade. With the exception of Jetfire that's still surprisingly tight, they all are a bit floppy. The Joons and the unknown knockoff Hiro are bootlegs and not the same quality of build or materials of the originals.

All prices include shipping within the US. Shipping outside of the US will be based on exact cost. I only accept PayPal and you must either use Friends and Family or pay extra to cover the fee (3% for USD payments within the US, 4.4% for international USD payments)


Original Jetfire with extra armor pieces  - $125 shipped in the US (SOLD)



Original VF-1S Roy with gun and arm clip - $75 shipped in the US (SOLD)



Original VF-1A Brownie with gun (no arm clip) - $75 shipped in the US (SOLD)fodder_b.jpg


Knockoff Hiro VF-1J with gun and arm clip - $45 Shipped in US (SOLD)



Joons Red VF-1J bootleg with gun and arm clip - $45 shipped in the US (SOLD)



Joons Green VF-1J bootleg with ONE gun and arm clip (second gun in battroid belonged to Red valk above) - $45 shipped in the US (SOLD)


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