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Southern Cross Collection all ORIGINAL ISSUE


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I've decided to clear out my Southern Cross kits since I am never going to build them.

ALL of these kits are the ORIGINAL issue versions. These are not the reissues you can get anywhere.

I am selling the whole lot together. The price is $500.00, that is the current, fair market value for all of these kits in the condition they are in.

All of them are MINT with the exception of the Flash Clapper which was started. I am happy to provide any pictures you wish of the interiors. 
Shipping will be COST to wherever you want it, so even if you are overseas, you won't be charged any more than it costs to ship it.

I have 100% feedback on ebay, my ID is maxoconnor
If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I am happy to provide more pics or even a video to show the kits one at a time if you need.
Here is a a breakdown of each kit.

10. Flash Clapper by LS. This is the hover cycle from the show with Jeanne Fransaix riding it.

1. A.T.A.C. Jeanne Fransaix 1/12 scale Commander of the Alpha Tactics Armored Corps by LS.

2. G.M.P. Lana Isavia 1/12 scale Grorie Military Police by ARII.

6. T.A.S.C. 2nd Lt. Marie of the Tactical Armored Space Corps, 1/12 scale by IMAI.

14. N.A.D. Jun Yamashita 1/12 scale Naval Armored Division by ARII

4. G.M.P. Alan Davis 1/12 scale by LS.

5. A.T.A.C. Charles De Etourd Lt. version 1/12 scale by ARII.

8. A.T.A.C. Andrzei Slawsky Sgt. version 1/12 scale by ARII.

11. A.T.A.C. Bowie Emerson Pvt. version 1/12 scale by ARII.












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