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3 minutes ago, davidwhangchoi said:

Hey! yeah i grabbed one at hlj and cdjapan. got cart jacked at hobby search.

Hey David! Nice you got two. ;) I placed an order from HLJ for a friend since he can't get any from AmiAmi while he's still at work. So yeah. It's pass for me. ;)


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3 minutes ago, Rein+ said:

Cant checkout in cdj why!!!

2 minutes ago, SaitouSad said:

Can't check out at CDJapan too. Seems the remaining stock are spoken for as people check them out :(

Yeah. If that happens, all the remaining slots are gone. :unsure:

2 minutes ago, HG Blows said:

Amiami’s page never came back for me. It says to delete cookies on the home page, but that doesn’t work

Same here. I deleted cookies. Even used different browsers at the same time. But good thing I checked HLJ earlier while I'm reloading AmiAmi page.


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4 minutes ago, davidwhangchoi said:

oh nice! you're a good guy^_^ to stay up for him.

Thank you sir! He's the same guy that I gave my NY VF-31A Kairos order. And he's a good friend too. He gave my son a set of Transformers figures. ^_^ 

4 minutes ago, brouken said:

Not an EVA fan Noel? :)

I am. But not as much with Macross and Gundam. The only Eva figures I have is the first gen Revoltech figures. And I don't want to start another series to collect. And I'm running out of space too. :rolleyes: 


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