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Getting real tired of PO night...

The Amazon.jp link never worked for me, meaning when I tried adding it to my shopping cart the site kept saying it was empty.

AmiAmi severs crashed and even when it reopened for a second...gone

The HLJ link that was posted initially was odd, I had to modify the link in browser to get it to the right page, then after refreshing a couple of times did it actually show up.

Appreciate everyone posting the links that they have, the websites ALWAYS get stupid during this time so I'm not surprised.

Hopefully US sellers like BBTS carry this one like others have assumed.


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1 minute ago, Valkyrie23 said:

People who get orders in at HS and recently amiami and HLJ, I just cannot believe lol

idk how I got one at amiami. I wish I had got one at amazon but I wont be picky. I'm still trying to find some for people. 

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Tried, didn't get one. Oh well. *shrug*

If I was actually an Eva fan, I'd be pissed at how hard Bandai makes it to buy any of their stuff. But it's exactly what's going to happen during the next DX VF-1 preorder.

Getting tired of and too old for this crap. Rapidly approaching the "F U BANDAI" level where I simply get out of this hobby and be happy with my already large VF collection.

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Keep in mind, this is just a small community on here. You have to compete with people in Japan as well as China who's just order these to resell. 

If you are tired of  this, then just resign to paying resell because I assure, it's not going to get any better. 



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