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1 minute ago, PsYcHoDyNaMiX said:

Looks like an astray with a beam attachment aside from the booster pack? You think this is the mb seed release that bandai was speaking of? 

Possible. I don't recognise it so it could be another MSV design. We'll know over the weekends when the MB event in Japan starts.

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17 minutes ago, davidwhangchoi said:


it has pics with red frame with both parts on pbandai as well so i'm going to assume it's the same. (hopefully no new markings) 

Hey David. I copy and pasted this text from the Flight Pack page and Google Translate it:

METAL BUILDオリジナルのMSV企画ついに始まる!
これまで「機動戦士ガンダムSEED MSV」から様々なMSを立体化してきたMETAL BUILDから、
これからのMETAL BUILDの新展開にご期待ください!

METAL BUILDより始まるMSV企画『オルタナティブストライク』に登場するフライトユニットが登場。
さらに、「METAL BUILD ストライクガンダム」用背部バックパックジョイントが付属。

METAL BUILD original MSV planning finally begins!
From METAL BUILD which has made various MS three-dimensional from "Mobile Suit Gundam SEED MSV" so far,
Original MSV project started. Among them, with the "flight unit" equipped with "Gundam Astray Red Frame" Karetovrufu comes back with a backpack unit that can be attached to Strike Gundam.
Please look forward to the new development of METAL BUILD in the future!

The flight unit which appears in MSV plan "Alternative Strike" starting from METAL BUILD appears.
Redesigned coloring and marking from past products.
In addition, the back backpack joint for "METAL BUILD Strike Gundam" is attached.
It is a product that can reproduce various forms of Strike Gundam as well as Gundam Astray by combining it with Kaletov.
※ Karetovrufu is sold separately.


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5 hours ago, mog_kupo said:

New rumor

Leaked news : MB Freedom 2.0 from Future of MB of Gundam Seed .... below the MB freedom 2.0 there’s a drawing of MB Justice ...

Oh, I'm gonna need both of those. :o

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1 minute ago, F360 said:

I heard there will also be a announcement of another Full Metal Panic Metal Build over the weekend.  

maybe it's finally time for the BOOSTER?


They're showing a booster for the laevatein and the arbalest. Whether they actually make it or not we shall see. 

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7 minutes ago, Kanedas Bike said:

Wake me up when they make the Skygrasper thingy from this link;


That's what I keep hoping for with the MB Strike.


That looks nice, B. :good:

Who knows maybe next time they will include the Skygrasper with a new Aile Pack for the Perfect Strike configuration. ;)


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  • no3Ljm changed the title to Bandai's METAL Build/Structure/GFFComposite/RobotDamashii

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