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WTT for: Sv-51 CF or ARCADIA Version, VF-11 B or C , YF-30, VF-31 Super/Armor, VF-2SS, Mospeada Alpha Fighter

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Looking for those Macross toys preferably NIB but will take moderately handled and unbroken by collector. Please pm me offers If you have any of these  to trade for. I have several boxes of US release MSIA Universal Century Gundam figures on their original unopened cards or boxes. I also have Gundam Fix Figuration Metal Composite toys. This is some pics of some of the toys that I am will to trade for.  I am also including a list of what I currently have of Macross toys in my collection. Generally trying to have just one of every fighter for myself but have some variants in the list. All the Macross toys have been handle and displayed in a glass case a handful of times but still in great condition. Will send pics of particular toy you are interested in upon request. Continental US inquiring please


Macross toys owned list

B# Hi Metal R Regult

B# Hi Metal R Glaug

Y# 2nd Gen YF-21

Y# SV-51 Ivanov Custom (Canopy was glued shut with pilot inside and basic fixes for the droopy wings)

B# SV-262 x2 Keith Custom w/ Lilidraken Parts  (One wing emblem rubbing off)

Y# VF-1J w/ TV Super Parts Set

B# VF-19 Advance Set 

KO# 1/55 VF-17D, VF-17S 

B# VF-171 Nightmare with 1Super Parts 

B# Renewal RVF-25 w/ Ghost Super Parts Set

B# Renewal VF-25F w/ Tornado Parts

B# RVF-171EX Luca Custom with basic super parts set no missiles.

B# YF-29 Isamu Custom w/ Super Parts 

Y# VF-17S w/ Super Parts

A# VF-0D Phoenix

B# Renewal VF-27 Brera Custom

A# VF-4 Lightning III

Y# VF-22S Milia Custom 

A# YF-19 Set missing one intake cover 



RX-78-2 Gundam The Origin

RX-0 Unicorn Gundam Awakening Version

RX-0 Banshee Gundam

MSZ-006C1/A1 Red Zeta Plus

MRX-010 Psycho Gundam Mk II Titans Version


























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