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Canopy for Cap america Cats eye kit


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Hey Gang, 

I'm picking up my plastic order this week, so I should have a good update very soon. I'm hoping to get something usable shortly and we can get on with our builds!

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I would love to go in for a set too, if you don't mind. I'll be honest, I haven't opened my kit to see what shape it's in (have to find it after the last move), but I'd like to secure a set of canopies for it just in case.

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Here's the first good set I'm working up. They need to be trimmed a bit to fit nicely. That involves slowing sanding it down. After that, I will polish them with a high grit polishing cloth and then a dip into future. I will show more details of the steps. 


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Here's the latest update: I've finished up the first set. It did take a bit of work. The resin bucks that the canopy copies are pulled from seem to be the actual size of the canopy itself; once the plastic is pulled over it seems to be slightly oversized even though the plastic is quite thin. 

Each copy will need to be fitted to your kit. There could be minute differences between resin kit copies; so you'll have to sand along the edges of the frame and test it as you go to get a satisfactory fit. I'll get them roughly trimmed to get them off the buck but they will definitely require you to work them to size. Sorry! I can't do it for you. 

Photos: Here's the process I've been using: the rear canopy has been reduced around the edges to get a good fit. I used sandpaper curled up (220, 320 etc), Super Sanding Blocks to take down the sides evenly and did everything with wet sanding (just add some water for a smoother cut). After I had a good fit the whole piece needs to be polished. Here I use Micro mesh Sanding Clothes (2400-12000) but first I used 600, 800, 1000, 1200 in sandpaper. You MUST go in order because you are removing the scratches from the last paper successively. After that I use a felt buffing wheel with Tamiya fine polishing compound, gently on the lowest rpm on my dremel.  I may dip in future, but I will try to avoid it if I can. You can see the difference b/w the rear canopy and the front piece (not sanded yet). I'll make a video if you like? 

Overall, I'm pretty happy with how it looks, although I will polish them further.  I'm particular about how these should look so I hope these will help you guys out in finishing your builds!

When I have the copies made everyone will get three sets to work with and we'll figure out the payment. I like to have it ready to go first. You guys good with $20 to cover shipping and materials to wherever you are? 
















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