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Yamato/Arcadia/Bandai 1/60s UPDATED WITH NEW ITEMS AND PRICE Drop

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Hi Everyone,


Over the last few years I have purchased a lot of exciting stuff on MWF and my collection has grown a bit faster than I anticipated.  It has come time for me to refocus my collection and release some of my personal collection to new homes.  While it is going to be tough to let some of these go, I really need to reallocate some of the funds on other aspects of my life (Home and Wife ;) ). 


I am including a description of the items, but most are brand new, having only been opened to inspect the item and then wrapped in cellophane and store them in my collection closet (So the pictures are glossy, but this ensures no additional shelf wear while in my possession).  As a rule, i only display my duplicates, so these have never been displayed and were purchased with the sole intent of adding to my collection, not my display, thus the cellophane wrap and the new condition.


I have looked at sold prices on Ebay, prices at HLJ and Anime-Export, and even Jungle to ensure that i am not priced too high. With that being said, i'm not trying to make a profit, but i also don't want to lose too much money so i have priced them at whatever was lower between the price i paid and the last sold price (Avg.). 


I live in Sacramento, Ca so pickup and payment there is preferred, but i am happy to ship at buyer's expense.  PMs will be treated by a first come, first served priority.  PayPal preferred  (Gift or +4%).  As i mentioned i purchased quite a few items on MWF so i am on the good buyers list, however this is my first time selling on here.


CONSIDERING OFFERS Pics of new Valks to come


Sealed Brand New with factory tape uncut

Bandai VF-31C: $265


New Items only opened for inspection unless otherwise noted

Bandai VF-31J: $240  Opened and transformed once then put back in the box.  Pilot removed from package but it was put back in the box

Bandai VF-25F: $240  New and never displayed or transformed. No Box wear 

Arcadia YF-19 Bundle: $265 New and never displayed or transformed. No Box wear 

Yamato VF-17S: $150 New and never displayed or transformed. No Box wear 

Arcadia VF-1S Roy Movie with Strike Parts: On Hold New and never displayed or transformed. No Box wear 

Arcadia VF-1S Hikaru Movie with Strike Parts: $265 New and never displayed or transformed. No Box wear 





Special Note Items

Arcadia VF-0A: $255 Purchased as new but upon inspection I noticed that it was missing a thrust booster (small cone shaped boosted located in the foot: Wont see it unless you are looking into the foot)  Everything else is perfect including the box and all accessories.

Yamato VF-11B: $340 Purchased on ebay but found out that it was transformed and has very minor panel lining (Stickers have also been applied to the side intake).  Only a few lines that are hard to see, but i want to call it out. Everything else looks great and there are no cracks on the shoulders upon inspection.

Yamato Sound Booster for VF-19 Kai: ON HOLD Displayed with my Yamato VF-19 Kai.  No damage and looks great, however my YF19Kai broke after a transformation and i decided to upgrade to the Arcadia Set which already included the Sound booster.  Box and all Accessories included.  No picture yet, but i can send one when i get home if anyone is interested

Bandai VF-25S:  SOLD Purchased with the intent of displaying, this has been transformed a few times and has the normal wear that the VF-25s get when they are handled.  Very minor chipping in the paint and relatively loose legs, but overall it is pretty nice.  I understand that the joints can be tightened, but i have not attempted it yet so i didnt want to ruin this really nice figure if i messed up.




























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Update for sold items
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2 hours ago, Pulltoeject said:

Can You please post a pic of the Kais' broken arm joint and missing gem?



I decided to keep the VF19Kai.  I think i will be best to keep as spare parts in case. 


All other PMs replied.  Anything i dont sell by next week will go onto ebay for now.  

Thank you to everyone that has made a purchase!



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