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GUNDAM Live Action Movie

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  • Old_Nash changed the title to GUNDAM (Possible) Live Action

Hopefully another 100% original feature that Sunrise can easily disown if it turns out to be a steaming turd like G-Saviour.  

I'd hate to see them sh*t all over a classic like Char's Counterattack.


1 hour ago, Valkyrie Hunter D said:

The only place to go is up after G Savior.

Never underestimate the ingenuity of fools... mother nature is always building a bigger and better one.


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It's funny, I just watched the second Pacific Rim.  Saw the 1:1 Unicorn Gundam, and I caught the sign for Anaheim Electronics.  It got me thinking about a Hollywood Gundam movie.

Honestly, I think a lot of the groundwork's already been done.  Just adapt the animated Gundam movie trilogy.  Sure, it won't be as good, because you know Hollywood's gotta be Hollywood and "Westernize" it (ie, dumb it down), but I think even a watered-down adaptation of the original Gundam movies would have to come out better than G-Saviour.

Bonus: if it gets made, maybe we'll get some sweet Gundam merch domestically...

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  • Old_Nash changed the title to GUNDAM Live Action Movie
5 hours ago, Big s said:

Hopefully the actors don’t look like cheap cosplay in a film that looks like a YouTube fan film.

But cheap schlock Gundam is the best, it also has the best hammy Char. If the movie is just 0079 live action I hope they keep "Char you craven traitor" as a silly nod to the live action game.


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while unicorn would of course take centre stage, I thk am more fan-boi 'ing on the possibility of the shinanju in a live action movie...and of course the neo zeong....

Let's hope the cgi is up to scratch...

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20 minutes ago, eXis10z said:

Always wondered why there was no live action from Japan itself. I don't trust Hollywood with any anime adaptation. So far all of them stinks.

Because live action from Japan reaches the same level of bad via different paths.

but actually watching that for the first time now it's oddly hype wtf



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  • 2 weeks later...

Here's a brief interview with Sunrise President and CEO Yasuo Miyakawa about the live-action film project:


It's very short, but at least we can rest assured Sunrise won't let Legendary turn it into a standard American action movie. :) 

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