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Hasegawa vf-1s battroid


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52 minutes ago, Vi-RS said:

I think the outline is a bit too much and too consistent. Those rivets details should be removed.


Image result for vt-1 valkyrie anime painting


I guess to stay true to cell painting yes rivets should not be so highlighted but i kinda like it! 

We will see how it comes out! This was actually his first time doing anything macross related as he is from gundam side!

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lol I've been getting a lot of complaints from the builder as the kit itself requires a lot of issues to be worked out as it being an old kit. 

We shall see how it turns out. 

this was actually my first time having anything commission built and it was not cheap at all. (not complaining about the price as a lot of labor went in)

once i get more updates, i will share. 


I wish i actually have a skillset and time to build it myself...



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If he’s more familiar with GunPlas, then I understand his frustrations on building this. I have that same kit before and from the get-go I really can tell that it needs more work than Bandai’s. That kit is flimsy when you build it as is. Not like with Bandai which is sturdy and it has internal support built-in already. With Hasegawa, it’s mostly hollow. You have to fill in some fillers to make the kit a little sturdy esp for figures/robots not like their plane counterparts.


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Yeah, the Hasegawa Battroid needs lots of clean up to look best. There are lots of seams to fill and sand smooth. The plastic is softer than a typical Gundam kit. 

I can imagine the builder's frustration if they're not used to traditional style assembly kits.

I just built my first Gundam kit a couple weeks ago and had the opposite experience. After building Hasegawa kits all these years, the Leo I built went together like a dream. It only had two visible seams but they required no putty because the fit was perfect. 

I agree that the builder probably is experiencing a build that involves more work than they expected. 

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I have just received it and it looks awesome. The builder did an excellent job of doing cell shade and it really shows. 

Unfortunately, my personal situation has taken an unexpected turn and needs to sell it.. damn it.


will be posting for sale soon..









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