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I just received mine from NY, it's new, unopened, will ship in exactly the same box and wrapping that the toy came in, undisturbed. Selling it for what I paid for the one I acquired earlier so I could get a review up on anymoon.com.

Price = $415 + actual shipping.

There are some things that are as good as cash to me (in no particular order). Opened condition, transformed a few times is fine but strongly prefer no stickers applied:
1) Yamato 1/60 Max Q-rau
2) Yamato 1/48 VF-1 toys (Angelbirds, 1S Focker in new packaging, weathering versions)
3) Yamato 1/60 V2 VF-1 toys (VF-1J Hikaru (with or without supers), VF-1J Hikaru Gray Goggles, VF-1J + GBP with "1" on chest, weathering versions)
4) CM"s Max Q-rau pilot figure (loose is fine)
5) Matchbox 1/3000 SDF-1
6) Matchbox Hovertank
7) Matchbox and/or Playmates VF-1
8 Matchbox Invid (scout or trooper)
9) Playmates Invid scout
10) Matchbox or HG action figures (particularly large and small Zentraedi soldiers but others as well)
11) Takatoku 1/144 Tomahawk
12) Takatoku Henkei Valks
13) Bandai VF-1A Max and/or Roy Jokemachines (Macross packaging)

That's not a comprehensive list. If there's anything you've noticed is missing on anymoon.com, I'm interested.

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