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Guyver, Gundam, Transformers & Lamborghinis kits

captain america

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Doing some closet-cleaning and I found these gems I'm looking to part with:

-1/12 Max Factory Guyver Gigantic and Gigantic Dark vintage vinyl model kits. Both kits are opened and parts have been separated from their sprues cleanly for test-fitting. Both kits still sport their mediocre factory paint job and are otherwise unmolested. $180CAD + shipping for the pair.

-Takara/Tomy DMK Optimus Prime from Dark of The Moon. Best of the DMK models, NIB and factory sealed. $185 CAD + shipping.

-1/100 Master Grade Gundam Victory-Two. NISB $50 CAD + shipping

-Aoshima 1/24Lamborghini Aventador SV. Mostly sealed, some bumper parts were surgically removed from sprues for inspection, otherwise new. $50 CAD

-Fujimi 1/24 Lamborghini Veneno. NIB $50 CAD

For any questions, just shoot me a PM. Will gladly offer combined shipping for any of the above, thanks for looking. :)






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