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Bubblegum Crisis OVA Blu-ray Direct Release

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I was watching Zaranyzerak's anime collection on youtube and he mentioned a re-release of Bubblegum Crisis on Blu-ray by RightStuf. I checked and sure enough, Animeigo is releasing the Blu-ray again but direct this time. It's all the episodes on one Blu-ray instead of the three like the Kickstarter version.


It's really extraordinarily disappointing that with the two recent Kickstarters of Gunsmith Cats and Riding Bean with Kenichi Sonoda's participation, plus last year's 30th anniversary of Bubblegum Crisis that there is still no real standout edition of this great anime. Both RightStuf and Amazon have the Blu-ray for pre-order at around $30 ($10 off retail price) so by the holidays you will probably be able to get it cheap. Maybe for the 35th or 40th anniversary they will try again with a real collector's edition. Perhaps we will have those Figma figures or a few bike toys by then too. People who passed on the Kickstarter with all its throw away trinkets I guess this release is for you.



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44 minutes ago, Sanity is Optional said:

So, this release will have English subtitles?

I assume it's almost the same if not the same release.




I can't remember the extras on the Kickstarter release. I think they left some stuff out.


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Glad to see this. I rewatch my DVD edition of this a couple times a year, so it will be nice to have it on bluray, for a reasonable price. I didn't find out about the Kickstarter until it was too late, and the aftermarket prices on it now are just way out of control.

I do hope there are some more extra features on this, but suspect it will be pretty bare bones. With all the episodes on a single disc, somehow I suspect this will just duplicate the special features (mainly a few galleries) of the old DVDs.

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12 hours ago, Sanity is Optional said:

Mine's already in the mail from Amazon.

Can't be worse than the hideous fansubs I have in my digital library.

Would you be kind enough to post a quick review or some thoughts on it once you get it?

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6 hours ago, Fortress_Maximus said:

Yes love BGC OVAs and looking forward to buying the BR.  Can any MWrs who supported the kickstarter share their experiences with the first release? thanks.


The Kickstarter BD release of BGC was quite nice. 

Just remember that this anime was made back in the late 1980's/early 1990's. So, don't expect 16:9 full screen. It's 4:3 pillarboxed. I can't really comment on the video quality as I'm no expert.   But it looks pretty good to me. It looks as good as I remember watching it on AnimEigo's VHS release back in the day.

Hurricane Live 2032/2033 and Holiday in Bali was included on the Kickstarter release.  But the live-action bit of Oomori Kinuko singing Konya wa Hurricane was not included. Does anyone remember if it was ever included in past AnimEgo releases? I can't remember if it was ever part of a BGC release and I no longer have the old VHS, LD, or DVD releases to check.



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10 hours ago, tekering said:

Five posts above yours.  <_<


That doesn't really explain it. All of the Hurricane Live 2032/2033 music videos were also shot/edited in SD and they were included.

The most likely answer is that AnimEgio couldn't acquire the rights for the footage. Either that or the master tape was missing/no longer usable.

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On 9/25/2018 at 12:41 AM, RavenHawk said:

Looks like this comes out today: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D3JT8V2

Is anyone picking it up? I'm very tempted to, but still concerned about 8 eps on a single disc.

I might get it depending on sales during Black Friday and the holidays. I noticed a few reviews on Amazon talk about the picture quality. Still with Sonoda working on the two recent Kickstarters, it would be nice to get a true Ultimate Edition of the show.

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Just finished watched the Blu-ray (spread it out over a few nights).

I have to say that, in the episodes, I didn't notice a huge difference between the picture quality here and on my DVDs. That said, it might just be that my TV isn't hi-def enough to really tell, and I'm also not an expert of connoisseur of these things.

As for extras, very bare bones. Color art gallery, where I COULD tell the different in picture quality. All the images were stuff most of us have seen before. There was also a line art gallery, which is what shown for me. I had seen the majority before, but there was some art that was new to me.

Still, all said, it's a great value for the price and worth picking up, in my opinion.

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