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Calibre Wings 1/72 diecast VF-1


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2 hours ago, Vifam7 said:

It'll likely show up in the future. If it hasn't been listed yet, it's likely because the release date is unclear. Also, Calibre has had difficulty in getting their products out as scheduled so some retailers might be shy in listing it too soon.   

True, it’s just odd that all the others are available to pre-order but not the low-vis, when all 4 where announced at the same time.


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On 5/19/2020 at 3:52 PM, kyekye said:

Low viz now listed on BBTS.

Also SSDC exclusive Stealth version price went up $40...

Glad I got in on the stealth version early.  Pre-ordered a low viz too.  Not sure I want the whole line up but these 2 look so nice.

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12 hours ago, burnout6 said:

Stealth and low vis are listed on flying mule. They also have a 20% off pre order coupon. 

Thanks for the heads up. They are also $20 and $10 cheaper than BBTS - before coupon is applied.  saved about $34 on the low-vis

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I was swearing off Calibre Wings because I hate the fiddly parts that fall off if you look at them funny. Have they made any improvements to the ordinance and landing gear connections?

I still don’t think I want to buy any more but it would be good to know if they are improving their products. 

That elevator is pretty cool though!

@kaiotheforsaken, this just gives you an excuse to buy some Kitzconcept Valks to display together!


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1 hour ago, sh9000 said:


Die-cast metal base would be some improvement over their current Router-style stands that are modelled after the Flightpose ones.

The Router-style stand seems to have quite a bit going for it, as compared to Flightpose. For one, it is quite a bit cheaper (at least, in my part of world), and the bundled extra varying length arms are a great bonus (You get 3 x 4” arms, 1 x 6” and 1 x 2”).

However, the biggest flaw is the base itself. The footprint is too small, and being lightweight hollow plastic, the whole stand tips over easily if trying to balance a plane or valk on it at angles you might be used to with a Flightpose. 

Which is a shame, because the provided varying length arms appear to give more dynamic posing options, yet the base itself can’t handle it.

Dynamic angles can only be reasonably handled if using 2 of the shortest length 2” arms, so there’s less leverage acting on the base to tip over, but this necessitates using 2 sets of stands for getting 2 x 2” arms.

This new die-cast metal base would be an improvement, assuming it’s a solid die-cast, yet it still retains the small footprint.   The F-14 is a much bigger plane than the VF-1, and I wonder if it can handle the same angles as the VF-1J shown.

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1 minute ago, sh9000 said:

It will be diecast and transparent aluminum is not available.  

Maybe not to you!:rolleyes: j/k

I didn't realize that it's die cast.

Yeti doesn't make clear adapters, their only fault. I don't have much issue setting them up so that the adapters are out of the line of sight most of the time. And I get that Fligtpose won't pull off crazy angles. But colored stands just irk me bad for some reason. I feel it takes away from what is being diplayed.

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