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1/48 Yamato Hikaru, 1/72 VF-11 Armored Battroid, WildFalken kits


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Doesn't seem to be a big crowd seeking model kits these days, but nonetheless here are stuffs!  Will be happy to entertain trades if its on my list O' stuff, lol.  But otherwise cash is King and shipping is NOT included in the price.

The Gundam HG post-586-0-27223100-1439761590.jpg.d83b10ae506e540edb78cd9a43fa626b.jpgkits ----completed----

1/72 VF-11 Battroid Full Armor kit $140.00 each (2 available with revamped instructions from the original creator)

Last but not least is a Super Robot Wars WildFalken model kit by Kotobukiya $35

Also debating whether or not to part ways with my Yamato Hikaru 1/48 


Stuff I'm looking to trade for:

HG Pacific Rim Bracer Phoenix model kit by Bandai looking for x3 kits 

Robot Damashii by Bandai Bracer Phoenix toy version x2   ...toys will be modified so no need for packaging as long as its complete and in like new condition.



That's the 1/35 U.C. Hard Graph EFGF M61A5 "SEMOVENTE" Main Battle Tank x2

Captain America's new Buster Mospeada Legioss Soldier mode reissue kit

....other items:

PS4 in good working order

PS4 Controllers preferably new or like new x2




WildFalken by Kotobukiya.jpg

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