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Selling off Bits and Bobs - 1/60 Yamato spare parts + minty yamato VF-1S Roy "Plus" version


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Hi all,


I'm clearing out my cupboard/downsizing my collection... I came across a few things for which I'm keen to find a home. The items below (except the VF-1S) were warranty replacements obtained from HLJ - some they gave me incorrectly!! (Heat shield)


I have a couple of spare arms I got as replacements for my V2/Yamato VF-1S (Roy) from HLJ - one is in good condition, the others have small cracks typical of this version (though useable) - from the replacement surgery I performed on the figure. There is also a spare cockpit with the rainbow treatment (some overspray (??) - you can see in pic)- I took this off the original VF-1S Roy I had, and replaced it with a warranty one from HLJ, and a black heatshield for the VF-1S. I'm asking:

1) $20USD for the arms (all of them)

2) $40USD for the cockpit 

3) $40USD for the heatshield

All are new (except for the replacement arms with cracks in them).

Thought it'd be good to find a place for them here!

I also have a 1/60 VF-1S Roy with Super/strike parts - unopened bubble, but the package was opened to check the 'flashlight' accessory wast there. Figure is untransformed and no stickers applied - all still sealed in the baggy it came in! Box is okay with a small tear from when I opened it (grr!) - shown. I'm not sure what a fair price is at the moment, but I'm suggesting:

4) $350USD. (or $420AUD for local) for 1/60 V2 VF-1S roy

The items are all based in Sydney/Australia. I am happy to ship internationally, but will require the buyer to pay for postage + paypal fees, if paypal the way it is paid.

Happy to entertain reasonable offers!

I have over 230 positive feedback transactions on ebay. I've been a visitor and minor contributor to these forums before - please buy with confidence! Pics below!






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3 hours ago, jenius said:


What an odd item to include in a Macross release.  I guess it was to assist you in looking under furniture and such when you dropped a missile or other small accessory lol

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