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I'm battling to preorder Galactus even using myUS. I hope its due to my cc maxing out today rather than Hasbro's bs.

If they fail to meet the crowd funding target then its their own fault for excluding international customers. 😡



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6 hours ago, Podtastic said:

Anyone know who the distributor for Haslab Galactus is to Africa?

These Hasbro clowns have deliberately made things difficult.

I didn't know there was any Hasbro distribution to Africa at all.

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23 minutes ago, Mommar said:

I didn't know there was any Hasbro distribution to Africa at all.

There are  roughly 1, 376, 476, 448  people on the continent.  Even a tiny fraction of that is a lot of kids to buy toys for.

Serious adult collectors obviously not that many, relatively.

Anyway, normally its not a problem, you can use myUS, but they seem to be deliberately blocking these workarounds.

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At least Hasbro didn't get so greedy they thought they should unlock the next figure at 18 or 19k was a good idea.  However, they should have sweetened the deal a month ago by showing all of the bonus figures, and they should have made the other Heralds, not a third release of Silver Surfer.

Jay C was right about the Excalibur three pack.  Totally frakking bizarre, how are we supposed to get Phoenix now?  Unless they're going to make her a deluxe figure so we can get a bunch of extra cool effects parts.  So we can have either Rachel Grey or a totally flamed out Phoenix.  I hope I'm right about that.

Looks like I'll be camping out at Dorkside just before 11 hoping to score an Armadillo BAF plus Shriek and Morlun.  I can't bring myself to care about the movie figures anymore.

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On 8/26/2021 at 6:46 PM, Mommar said:

What do you mean by “General Ordering?”

So that the whole world can purchase one, not just a few select regions. 

On 8/26/2021 at 10:36 PM, sh9000 said:





Yes, finally a Skrull Soldier for my Kree Soldier to shoot at.

Dare I hope for a Shi'ar soldier?

Or a Comics accurate Kree Accuser?


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I managed to camp out and get my Armadillo plus Shreik and Morlun (don't know why he wasn't part of the Spider-verse lineup... or why they left out Spider-India.)  It'd be nice if they got around to making Carrion so we've got the full Maximum Carnage crew.

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