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1000Toys figures


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Time to have 1 generic thread for 1000toys, they seem to expand now with a figure by Kim Jung Gi called 1/12 ROBOX BASIC.


There's also a new figure from Tsutomu Nihei's Aposimz manga: 1/12 Aposimz: Etherow


Don't have the cash for these, though. If I liked Aposimz I could have wavered, but I don't like Nihei's current art style. I think the Blame! manga is the only work that I really really like from him, and to a lesser degree the Knights of Sidonia (anime season 1).

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That Robox (first link) reminds me of the Transformers cassettes. Interesting concept. I wonder if they make a construction version- it'd look pretty snazzy in grey, yellow, with black stripes her and there.

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Is there a way to propose future toys for the 1000toys line? I always think they are super neat and I want to try them out. However all the designs look terribly unappealing to me.  

Looking at this design: 


It reminds me of the Parasite Eve 2 Golems:

Image result for parasite eve 2 golem

So I want to have some Parasite Eve 2 toys from the 1/12 scale line. Can you imagine how cool a 1000toys Golem would look like?

I also wouldn't be opposed if they start the line with an Aya Brea toy. :) 

That reminds me. I need to figure out if my PS2 still works and play a round of PE 2. :D



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I don't know if they take suggestions but they have a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/1000toys/ . I do wish they'd make more Blame! figures though--I want Cibo and Sanakan. But I don't want to login to FB and post there just for that.

Having bought 3 1000toys figures, the one I like best is the Synthetic Human. It's also the best-looking figure they put out recently, imo.

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