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Hi, Everyone. Sorry I haven't been around for a few months. As some of you may remember, I found a copy of the lost movie script in Kevin Seymour's belongings last summer. I had a nice pdf of the script made and am posting most of it here in the link below. More will be revealed :)

Macross Movie Final Outpost Earth.pdf

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2 hours ago, Darkwater said:

That was just the initial 10 page outline, not the fleshed out script.

Ah. Thanks for the info. Hopefully they'll do a full script analysis in a future podcast. I don't really like reading scripts though I will give this one a shot.

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So, I finally finished this.

This IS missing the last 8 pages, so I would LOVE TO SEE THOSE! (hint, hint!) 

It's basically DYRL with a prologue.  A prologue that was obviously written with the first four episodes of Robotech as a guide.  You can tell that because not only is some of the dialogue directly lifted from Robotech's opening narration on Boobytrap, it also uses the key element that the SDF-1 crash stopped all governments from fighting rather can cause pockets of armed resistance.  As far as DYRL, there are scenes clearly lifted shot-by-shot, including when Hikaru gets a call from Minmay at the restaurant and meets her in the park wearing disguise consisting of a floppy hat.

Hikaru is now basically Maverick from Top Gun, and a total a-hole, Roy is a steady straight-shooter.  Claudia is sleeping with the Captain (who has the name Gloval) and expresses regret for not going after Roy while he was alive.  Max and Millia are totally absent.  The Zentradi have no real clear motivation, but they're shown on their home planet wanting to destroy everyone on Earth, and the Meltlandi are alluded to but never seen.

The Battloid mode is shown, but there's no real clear reason why.  They don't learn about the size of the Zentradi until after the first Battloid transformation, which, like SDFM, is only done so that Hikaru doesn't crash.  So why make it?  The Battloid mode is also never used again (Maybe in the last 8 pages it was?), not even when the Zentradi capture the humans, make them kiss, and they escape.

Like what's been alluded to in the DYRL Blu-Ray opening title card, the Macross was first and foremost a colony ship, not a battleship-turn-colony ship like we saw in SDFM.  And it just so happens that any and all people we see in the Macross are those who were attending the Minmay concert at the opening ceremony and had to evacuate.  It's not clear if there was an actual city built around the ship or not.

There are a few other little plot differences.  The Macross was worked on for 60 years instead of 10 while on Earth, and was never really intended to be ready to launch.  It's also somewhat sentient as its the one that raises its own shields and folds away then the Zentradi attack earth, which is kind of odd since it's referenced as a Zentradi drone sent by the "ancient ones," so it'd have no real reason to escape its own makers.  Most notably, Minmay is somehow possessed, leaves behind glowing footprints, and starts to sing in a non-human, electric tone.  She's basically the "The chosen one," whatever that means.

There is a lot of cringe-worthy dialogue.  When Hikaru rescues Minmay and they're trapped in the bowels of the Macross, she says she'd need a change of underwear if she wore any.  Misa mentions the doctor working on their captured Zentradi is a Nobel Prize winning Jewish Eskimo.  And when Minmay if first introduced, one of the bridge officers mentions how Snoop Dog, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Nirvana were REAL music (this was written in 1994). 

There are also just a lot of weird inconsistencies.  In the beginning, the Zentradi mention they're dying and the only way to save their race is to seek out the humans.  Britai then says "We're fighters, we'll kill them all!!" for no reason, to which the Zentradi chant "Save the race! Save the race!"  I literally read the scene like 5 times to make sure I wasn't missing something, but that's basically it.  It makes no sense.  There are also minor inconsistencies, like Misa saying it's been a week since Minmay and Hikaru have gone missing, then cut immediately to them trapped and Minmay says "It's been three days..."

Honestly, this script feels hastily written, and like I said, it feels like the screenwriter just watched the first four episodes of Robotech and a bootleg of DYRL (possibly Clash of the Bionoids) and went from there.  This doesn't feel like a first draft, if feels more like rough draft you'd sit on for a few weeks before revisiting.

That said I AM SO HAPPY I finally got read this, if just for the history alone.  Now if I can only see the last 8 pages!!!

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Hello, thank you for reading the script and reporting all your findings! I decided recently to just post the script in its entirety; here it is. Sorry to everybody about the "mystery and intrigue" of just releasing parts of it. It belongs to all of you, the fans. Even if it isn't that good :). Red Hot Chili Peppers and Nirvana! That is really hilarious. 

Now, without further ado...

Macross Movie Script Complete.pdf

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Sounds like it could have been neat but, sounds like its probably just the first draft or two, with the lifted RT dialoqe and such, or the writers didnt realise the differences, or worked it in i gues to give american audiences familiarity with the film, and if it was released, bet it would have confused alot of people, the '98 godzilla of '94

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