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Regult pricing help


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51 minutes ago, Palantirion said:

Hello, I searched through threads but did not discern if there was a concensus on a current fair price for the Hi-Metal Regult Missle two-pack.  I'm not sure if the missed the buying window. It's hard to find many to comp right now.

In case you didn't notice, there's an existing thread for Hi-Metal R Macross toys where you can post this kind of question. And we also have a 'What's it worth' thread in the For Sale section to ask prices. Instead of creating one in the Toys Section.

Hope that helps.

Edit: And just so you know the Regult Missile Two-Pack was a Tamashii Web Exclusive item. It was around Y15000+ when it was released. Now some shops is selling it for Y22000+. So the moment it gets released, always expect a marked up price from online stores that carries exclusive items. Nippon-Yasan price now is Y23000.

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