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Happy New Year to everyone and thanks for viewing my thread.  The VF-1AG (Armored GERWALK) always appealed to me, most likely because I love military tanks.  The initial project was around (15) years ago when we tried to create a removable armor set for a the Yamato 1/48 VF-1.  Unfortunately the MW member (Fulcy) who was working on the scratch build wasn't able to finish his work.  I was of course disappointed and lost interest over the years, but never forgot about it.  In 2017 I decided to give it another try, and contacted my long time friend Carl (wwwmwww) since he has the only known 1/100 VF-1AG resin kit in existence.  He has quite an amazing collection and this particular kit is one of rarest of the rare.  Just finding pictures is a challenge, and Carl was nice enough to allow me to borrow his kit.  Lastly, I appreciate the coordination and assistance of Shawn who was informed of the project from the beginning.

Another longtime MW member and trusted friend (Tom) agreed to receive the kit and make a copy so Carl's original could be returned.  Unfortunately the very small garage kit company has been out of business for a long time, and their resin recasts weren't well done.  I doubt they made very many, but there was a lot of pin holes, a few blobs of resin, thin/missing sections and so forth.  We were able to make color pictures of the kit's photographs and inserts as well.

So, the next issue became fixing everything and I came up with a list of upgrades so our VF-1AG would be unique/improved.  Most of them were able to implemented, and we're happy with the results.  Here is the list:

1.) Hollow metal gun barrels
2.) Grind out just the cockpit (pilot, chair, instrument panel, clear canopy from Bandai 1/100 VF-1J kit)
3.) Drill out any resin gun barrels (main cannons, hand cannons)
4.) Metal antenna both sides top turret
5.) Brass rods/pins so the cannons can elevate
6.) Gun pod and hands (Bandai 1/100 VF-1J kit or Bandai Gundam style hands)
7.) Replace stubby/damaged VF-1AG wings if needed (Bandai 1/100 VF-1J kit)
8.) Shoulder missile launcher doors opened and missiles inside
9.) Decals (Bandai 1/100 VF-1J kit)
10.) Main turret able to rotate

We ended up with a VF-1AG based upon the original, but with new parts plus many hours of repairs.  The updated version was then recast with a high pressure pot to create a new molds free of defects.  Please keep in mind that the VF-1AG was loosely put together for pictures, the positioning of the arms/legs can be better.  Our next goal is to improve the stance to achieve a downward tilt of the nose as well as placing the legs into the preferred "A Stance".  Personally, GERWALK mode has always been my favorite since it's what defines Macross to stand apart from other anime with either airplanes or robots.

I enjoy collecting Macross resin kits, but all along my goal was to make available a removable armor version that could be attached like the GBP-1 sets.  Before the armor can be created, we needed to have a 3D representation of what a VF-1AG is.  There is only one known line art and only one super rare resin kit, but I overcame that obstacle.  We've now proceeded further than the initial attempt and have spoken to parties interested in working with me to have the armor set created.  At this point I'm considering to make it for the Bandai 1/100 VF-1 Hi-Metal line first, just because they have a nice sculpt, good price, easily obtained, and it's cheaper/easier to start with a smaller scale.  If viable, we could then move on to the Yamato 1/60 Version 2.

Of course all of this will require a pretty big investment, so hopefully there is some interest in owning a new and improved resin kit of the VF-1AG in 1/100.  Please feel free to let me know your thoughts and suggestions.  After more than (15) years of waiting, I can now proudly display an extremely rare design.  My feeling was to make a Max & Milia VF-1JAG set to compliment the Bandai VF-1J M & M Hi-metal valkyries.  I owe my thanks to Carl, Tom and Shawn for making it possible.


Christopher B))

VF-1AG Line Art 2.gif

VF-1AG Resin Kit (4).JPG

VF-1AG Resin Kit (1).jpg

VF-1AG Displayed M & M (4).jpg

VF-1AG Displayed M & M (9).jpg

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Congratulations on completing this project! Just curious, but how small are the original wings compared to the ones that you used? I also find it interesting that neither the line art nor the original promotional photo appear to show any wings at all. Oh yeah, who made the original kit?

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Thanks for the comments, I recall researching the name of the manufacturer (15) years ago.  However, I didn't write it down, but they were very small and this was the only kit they made as far as I know.  The box top and/or inserts could be scanned and then translated via Google at a later date though.

Yes, that was part of the reason we wanted to have a finished VF-1AG, because the single line art in existence shows the front and one side.  That means the back is somewhat of a mystery, but logical conclusions can be made based upon what we can see, the GBP-1 and so forth.  For all we know, the Japanese creator had access to additional information.

That means the wings wouldn't have been removed, only the armor attached to a VF-1 in gerwalk mode just as the GBP-1 is attached to battroid mode.  In this picture you can see the original wings swept all the way back as in common in battroid:


VF-1AG Resin Kit (9).JPG

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We've received permission from Carl and Shawn to offer our VF-1AG resin kit for sale.  I'll start a "For Sale Thread" once I have more details regarding the pricing.  It could potentially be scaled up to 1/72 if people prefer.  Each kit would include the resin parts, canopy, copies of artwork & inserts & color pictures include with the original kit inside of a box.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any interest or questions.

Here are some new pictures with the pose improved.  The base will be changed to a round one featuring the Macross kite symbol as well.


VF-1AG Improved M & M (2).jpg

VF-1AG Improved M & M (3).jpg

VF-1AG Improved M & M (5).jpg

VF-1AG Improved M & M (6).jpg

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This is awesome!

If you make a 1/72 version I would be interrested! (depends of the price range, of course)

I wasn't expecting to see it in model kit one day.

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Here's the latest picture with a new display stand.  It can be posed a bit better, but it's just a quick picture before being packaging.

I'm also looking for someone interested in working with me to create a set of removable armor for the Bandai Hi-Metal VF line.  Perhaps we could then move on to the Yamato 1/60 V2 VF-1.  If you have experience with 3D drafting/printing and would love to make this project a reality please let me know.  I studied drafting & AutoCAD for two years, but that was a long time ago.  I've forgotten more than I learned.  haha  :blink:

My total investment so far is a bit more than $1,000:

1.) Borrow the original (shipping)

2.) Make a resin copy/molds of the original

3.) Fix the entire copy (defects) & make improvements (listed above)

4.) Make new molds of the improved/repaired version

5.) Resin cast (3) sets [two to build, one to save]

6.) Build/paint/display stands for Max & Millia VF-1AG's

7.) Return the original & ship (3) to me

VF-1AG Display Base M & M (1).jpg

VF-1AG Display Base M & M (2).jpg

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This is MY VF-4 holy grail.  I would love a 1/72 Gerwalk conversion kit of this.  One of the most underrated designs IMHO.  I still wish it would have been seen in the Mars Base episodes.

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