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Yamato VF-0s, Toynami Masterpiece Alpha, Masterpiece Voltron


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Hello all! I've been delving into the deep dark recesses of the closet and figure it's time for a few items to find a new home.  Thanks all! Let me know if you've got any questions.

** SOLD ** Yamato VF-0S with extra arms - $220 + shipping.  Everything included that came with it originally, including flip-top box, instructions, unused decal sheet, etc. When word came out that the first batch of these had some QA problems with the shoulders I picked up the replacement set Yamato made available. I ended up never needing it but I'm including it here as well.


Toynami Masterpiece Voltron 20th Anniversary - $220 + shipping

This is the die-cast original version, not the later plastic one. Includes white shipping box stamped with matching serial number, and all contents as original, instructions, etc.



** SOLD ** Toynami Masterpiece Alpha Fighter Vol 3 (Lancer's VFA-6I) - $110 + shipping

I don't believe this one has ever been transformed. Again, complete with instructions and unused decals. No visible damage, hands are fine.


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