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VF-27γ Lucifer Brera Sterne Custom


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Cheated on my current project with 1/72 devil over the past holiday. Tired of waiting for Hase to bring it, so I'm working with Bandai's offering.

Fixed Fighter. Gluing up the parting lines for the sub-assemblies and then removing the huge gaps is a pain. With some gluing and clamps, most appear to disappear after a few round of straight un-thinned surfacer dabbed on. Most of the work will consist of getting things to fit properly and removing the toy and transformation looking aspects (such as the joints all the fins connect with) for a more model-like appearance.

A bit had to see but, I cut the tip off and glued some scrap pla-plate in its place, lengthening the nose and eventually upturning it a bit more like the DX Renewal figure has. I think adding some length should help with the short and stubby look. 



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Cut the nose back off so I could do some significant sanding. She is getting there. I need to make the top side a bit less flat and curve is a hair down but, it's starting to take shape. The nose is quite a bit longer than planned (like the SV-51) and the lower edge took on more a sweep-look like something drawn by Ikuto Yamashita (of Evangelion/Yukikaze.)  Once I get the rest of the kit snapped I'll refine and shorten it if needed. Sadly snapping kits is my least favorite aspect of building them. 



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